Bedtime Rumble

2D/3D hybrid VR short film

Co-Director, 3D Character/Prop Animator, Sound Design

Another night in a four year old girl's life who has an active imagination. Playing in her room at bedtime with her monster friends until grandma busts the party.


2.5D short film

Character Designer, Character Animator, Co-compositor

A middle aged guy living a monotonous depressed life struggles coping with change until his alter-ego decides to help him out in his own way.

Free Hugs

3D short film

Director, Concept, Storyboards, Layout, Background Textures, Lighting, Character Animation, Sound Design, Compositing

*Pre-rigged Characters*

On a walk back home late at night, Ted notices a cute teddy bear wearing a 'free hugs' sign and gives it a hug as you do.

face it

Sound Driven Motion media film

Script, Animation

Breaking the habit of social media is difficult in this day and age but sometimes its necessary.

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