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"Until Next Bite

Role: WRITER/DIRECTOR/ANIMATOR for the 3D Animated Short Film

"Until Next Bite" is a 3D Animated Short film following an Indian Muslim student, Tani, who moves to a new country away from family. Nostalgic about home she tries to recreate the flavor of home by cooking on her own for the first time. The mission of this film is to reach and connect to any young adult who moves away from home and is transitioning to become an independent individual. This is a little "You got this!" for them, especially for the international Students around the world.

"Bedtime Rumble"

Role: CO-DIRECTOR/ANIMATOR for the 3D/2D Hybrid Virtual Reality Experience

Another night in a four year old girl's life who has an active imagination. Playing in her room at bedtime with her monster friends until grandma busts the party.

Designer and Modeller for Low Poly Vehicle Designs for "Tray Spade P.I." (2D Short Film)

Modeller and Texture Artist for Biplane

Sculptor for Jino the Maquette Process

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